Oxygen skin care machine--Nourish your skin

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Oxygen skin care machine--Nourish your skin

Oxygen skin care machine model GL3 is a machine which attached to create a good environmental for skin, provide o2 and promote the absorb of nutrient substance. The machine in cloud handles:

 oxygen facial machine

O2 injector: the handles will automatic absorption and compression the 02 of the air, Through the push help the o2 in to the skin. ---help provide a rich o2 environmental for the skin, good balance for providing a good environment for skin metabolism.


O2 sprayer: First put the essence on the bottle, the work head will sprayer the essence to small molecule, assistant the skin absorb it.

Bio-work head: 5MHz high frequency RFwhich can promote the collagen reproduction to remove wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity.

 oxygen jet facial machine

The machine could match with the HIFU machine use: Do HIFU treatment first then use the GL3 oxygen machine: after the HIFU treatment, the skin inner will have a thermal damage to collagen recombination, while need more Water, oxygen, and nutrients, the GL3 is just a good one help provide more oxygen and nutrients, indeed some Hydrating mask,  you will get a great skin rejuvenation.  

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