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Latest segmentation test body composition analyzer

More and more people care about their health than ever, so the body composition becoming important for your body health care.



The importance of body composition analyzer for human health

Human body composition analyzer: a supposedly epoch-making product of the health industry: weight-loss health consulting management system, it's youIt provides independent health analysis data for each testerHuman body composition analyzer statistics method, measuring human body composition: weight,



Body composition analyzer-How accurate are they?

As a professional manufacturer specialized in body composition analyzer for 11 years,Especially the first manufacturer of this model.We upgraded with the newest system.With the advanced system and clear indicator on the interface, it is easy to operate this model.First, stand on the unit with bare f



How to use a smart body analyzer

Today, we'd like to share you how to use smart body analyzer machine.We have two types smart body analyzer machine, GS6.5 and GS6.6, here is more information for your reference.Test Values of our GS6.6: Height Weight Percentage of fat tissue Muscle mass weight Percentage of water Bone weight BMI – (


body analyzer

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