Latest Generation Android System muscle building machine
Our latest generation muscle-building and fat-reducing machine with an integrated Android system offers significant advantages for beauty salons and distributors. With its cutting-edge technology, this upgraded Magnetic Slimming Device provides beauty establishments and distributors with a powerful tool to offer clients more effective and personalized treatments. 
The Android system allows for easy customization and monitoring, while the device's advanced features enable better results, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, it opens up opportunities for innovative marketing strategies and product differentiation, making it a valuable asset in the beauty industry.
Body Sculpting Machine
Newangie® Smart EMS NEO Pro Max Machine​​​​​​​
Newangie® EMS NEO Pro Max Machine breaks the traditional concept and strives to innovate an advanced EMS NEO machine with high cost performance and high energy!
1. Unrivaled performance: HIEMT & RF technology 2 in 1.
2. Customized transformation: Support different fat loss plans for everyone, with a strong customer management system.
3. Cutting-edge technology: It adopts 13.3-inch Android operating system, and its multi-functional use can be comparable to that of a laptop.
4. Multifunctional and flexible: 7 treatment modes meet all customer needs.
5. Comprehensive data analysis: Through our body composition analyzer, we can fully understand the customer's body index and provide the best treatment plan.
6. Reliable and efficient operation: advanced air-cooling technology, continuous work without pressure for more than 10 hours.
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