EMS: The Evolution to NEO Pro Max
EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) utilizes electrical impulses for muscle contraction, fostering toning and fat loss. The next iteration, EMS NEO, specifically serves those with a BMI over 30, delivering more nuanced treatments. Today, we present the EMS NEO Pro Max from Newangie. This cutting-edge machine combines the features of its predecessor to provide a comprehensive solution for the body shaping needs of clients of all BMI values.
Body Sculpting Machine
Newangie® Smart EMS NEO Pro Max Machine​​​​​​​
Newangie® EMS NEO Pro Max Machine breaks the traditional concept and strives to innovate an advanced EMS NEO machine with high cost performance and high energy!
1. Unrivaled performance: HIEMT & RF technology 2 in 1.
2. Customized transformation: Support different fat loss plans for everyone, with a strong customer management system.
3. Cutting-edge technology: It adopts 13.3-inch Android operating system, and its multi-functional use can be comparable to that of a laptop.
4. Multifunctional and flexible: 7 treatment modes meet all customer needs.
5. Comprehensive data analysis: Through our body composition analyzer, we can fully understand the customer's body index and provide the best treatment plan.
6. Reliable and efficient operation: advanced air-cooling technology, continuous work without pressure for more than 10 hours.
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