Laser hair removal adapted population & Contraindications

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Laser hair removal adapted population & Contraindications


The adapted population for laser hair removal includes:

1. Hypertrichosis caused by disorder of its own endocrine system (usually excessive androgen secretion).

2. Hypertrichosis caused by genetic or ethnicity.

3. Have not received sun exposure or tanned skin recently.

4. people with thinner and lighter hair, people over 18 years old, who have no scars and physique can do laser hair removal.


(Real feedback from customers)

Taboo crowd of laser hair removal include:

1. Pregnant women.

2. Tanned skin.

3. Those with syphilis, skin infections, blood diseases and coagulation mechanism disorders

4. Those with allergies and scars.

5.the hair removal area has a history of inflammatory infection or herpes simplex infection.

6. Menstrual period female friends.

7. Those who have recently taken antiplatelet drugs and anti-articular pain drugs are not suitable for laser hair removal.

8. have used other methods of hair removal within 6 weeks (such as hair removal, wax removal, and light-sensitive hairy objects).

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