high quality Four handles Cryolypolysis fat remove machine

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High quality Four handles Cryolypolysis fat remove machine

Cryolypolysis technology is one of the most popular technology for fat remove.  Today please allow me introduce you one of our most hot sale Cryolypolysis machine, mdoel ETG15-4. 

cryolipolysis machine

Machine basic information and advantages: 

-Super frozen wave and Anti- frostbite control technology

-Four handle: size100,150, 200,300cm total. 

-Any of 2 handles working together, except the 300 size hand

-preheating function and Red&Greet LED light 

- Machine self-test function

cryolipolysis machine

In the market, there are various level quality cryolipolysis machine, some time even though the same appearance, the inner structure and quality is super different, the most normal problems of Cryo machine usually have 2:  One is not enough sculpting, the another is Frostbite customer. But now, in our machine, those are not the problems anymore: 

cryolipolysis machine for sale

1.We use pump from Germany, and 800W high power supply, ensure the machine stable operate and enough cooling sculpting

2.Our machine have preheating function---before cooling treatment, reheat about 3-5 munites for the skin, with our great an-ti freeze membranes, completely Anti-frostbite system

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