Do you know how to rehydrate oily skin?

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1. Do the cleaning work well


Oily skin will produce oil, so be sure to do a thorough cleansing work, otherwise it will easily form acne muscles. So how do you clean it? When choosing a facial cleanser, you have to choose a cleanser with a slightly higher degree of cleanness. And when cleaning the skin, you must clean it with warm water, so that it will not stimulate the shrinkage of the pores, and the cleaning is complete. Will make the skin better and better.


2. Moisturizing skin care


Oily skin is nothing more than daily skin care management and hydration management, so when you return home after a busy day, you must do good skin care work. After skin care management is done, the skin will naturally get better.


3.Pay attention to rest


In fact, no matter when it is, everyone should take a good rest. If you dont take a good rest, it will lead to endocrine disorders, and endocrine disorders will directly affect the skin texture.


And last,Pay attention to diet and drink plenty of water



What should I do with sensitive skin?

One: wash your face with warm water


For girls who are allergic to the skin, it is easy to irritate the skin with cold or hot water when washing their faces. This will cause greater challenges to sensitive muscles that are already not good for the skin. So in order to avoid this situation, remind you who are sensitive muscles to wash your face with warm water!


Two: do not exfoliate frequently


Many people think that exfoliating is the best way to cleanse the skin, but it is not. Because the stratum corneum is actually the skin's natural skin barrier, it can prevent the invasion of external bacteria and prevent the loss of moisture in the skin. And if you are sensitive muscles, it is not recommended that you often exfoliate, because this will make your skin more fragile, and the skin will often appear red and swollen. Frequent exfoliation of sensitive muscles is the biggest damage to the skin.


Three: do sun protection


Everyone knows how to do a good job of sun protection. It doesn't matter what kind of skin you are, sun protection is a must. Good sun protection can prevent skin aging and can also isolate ultraviolet pollution. If sunscreen is well done, sensitive muscles are not prone to redness. Sensitive muscles are very fragile, so everyone must have this step.


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