The elements affect the laser tattoo removal

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With the development of laser technology, Pocisure laser becomes more and more effective and safe for removing tattoo. It can selectively remove tattoo pigment cells without any damage to other normal skin tissue. But, there is still some elements affect the result of pocisure laser tattoo removal. 

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1.Tattoos’ kinds and timing

Professional tattoo is much easier remove than which is not; The longer it is, the easier it is to remove.

2.Tattoos’ color

Red, yellow and green tattoos are harder to remove than blue and black ones.

3.Pigment particles of tattoos’ amount and thickness that accumulate in the dermis.

The greater of the density or the thickness of pigments make tattoo more difficult to remove.

4.Depth of existence of pigment particles

Much deeper, much harder to reach, which means Multiple treatment.

5.Laser treatment parameters

Laser wavelength, pulse width and energy density are the mainly influenced factors of laser tattoo removal , so only if you chose appropriate laser, it can play a good therapeutic effect.

Pocisure laser tattoo removal technology can be used to eliminate ornamentation (tattoos, eyelids), get rid of streaks, the laser can smoothly into the lesion site. The tattoos’ dye will be nebulized, even crushed, so the color of the tattoos subside. Pocisure laser tattoo removal is your best choice to wash away the tattoo.

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