The cautions for skin scanner machine SA2 operation

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Nowadays, more and more people start to care about their skins, they want to be young and beautiful forever.

This makes it more important to know the skin problems. 

In order to help people learn their skin status well, today we want to introduce the newly popular skin scanner machine SA2.

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Some buyers may ask, when using the skin scanner, what cautions we should pay attention to:

Here are answers to your questions:

1. When shooting, the background light should not be too strong. Please draw the curtains or close the room lights.

2. When shooting, adjust the height of the tray according to the requirement, and the tester puts his chin on the tray. At this time, the two pieces of the ball on the top of the machine need to be 1cm to 2cm below the line of he hair.

3. When shooting, the lateral axis of cross alignment line of interface should be below the eye and in the area above nose. The vertical axis should be in the middle of the nose.

4. When you are ready to click on the icon of photo, please remain for 3 seconds, avoid shooting image out of the focus, blurred images affect the analysis results.

Wish you can take care your skin better with this skin scanner!

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