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Shockwave Therapy Device Health & BeautySW15

Function: Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment,Joints pain relief Certification: CE Warranty: 3 year Customized service: OEM,ODM,LOGO
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shock wave

shock wave therapy:

Pneumatic ballistic shock wave instrument is compressor generated pulse sound waves into precise ballistic, comparewith the electromagnetic shock wave, more energy generated max to 6 bar. And also impact faster, configuration higher and moreexpensive.

shock wave


1.Tatal 11pcs heads more powerful deeper penetration Long lifetime.

2.High effectiveness, fast relieve pain.

3.Noninvasive, no anesthetic, convenient and fast.

4.Each nursing only 20 minutes,5-10 nursing each session.

5.Widely applied to different soft tissue treatments.

shock wave

Shock Wave Application Field:

* Sports Injury Recovery

* Rehabilitation Therapy

* Physiotherapy Pain Relief

* Reduce Cellulite

* ED Treatment

shock wave

The upgraded handle and 11pcs tips More impacting head choices

6-10-15-20-25mm diameter heads

shock waveshock wave

our Service:

  1. OEM service

   2.ODM service customize

   4.external case design and customize

   5.Logo design and customize

   6.Package customize

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