Shockwave Device for Ed SW19

Technology: Vacuum shock wave
Function:Anti cellulite +Physiotherapy+ED treatment
Warranty: Three years
Certification: CE certification
Service: OEM/ODM, LOGO,Online training
  • SW19

  • Newangie


Performance Advantage

The negative pressure shock wave is currently the exclusive use of vacuum to accurately adsorb cellulite in the market.

The transmission of physical vibration can break the stubborn cellulite and make it thinner, aiming at the cellulite, and effectively promoting the metabolism. Excrete excess fat from the body to achieve the effect of fat loss and weight loss


  • Vacuum suction work  together with shock wave

  • New software and new manu  easy to operate


Handle Advantage

01 Exclusive negative pressure handle patent

02 pinpoint cellulite

03 Flat concave convex working head

04 Exclusive ED treatment head


The Effect Of Shock Waves For Weight Loss

  1. Break down stubborn fat and restore connective tissue

  2. Improve skin elasticity and promote lymphatic drainage

  3. Promote collagen production. Relieves stretch marks and scars


Improvement in the severity of cellulite between the initial evaluation,

reevaluations, and follow-up 3 months from the end of the treatment

Voltage 110V/60Hz OR 220V-50Hz
power ≤350W
suction 10-80 Kpa
Shock wave energy 200 MJ
Shock wave frequency 1-18 Hz
Package dimensions 525*465*400 mm
Package weight 20 KG Alu box