Ret fat reduction visceral fat removal device RET100

  • RET100
  • Newangie
  • RET system
  • inner organs fat removal, weight loss
  • RET small handpiece
  • RET big handpiece
  • Electrode plate
  • 50, 65
  • FL5X20\3.15Awith buffer(with spare fuse)
  • AC100~240V 50/60Hz
  • 30*51*98
ret fat
RET system applying the high frequency of deep heat wave technology, the heat energy form inside to outside, and there is heat energy output both RET handpiece and electrode plate. To make the heat in the body part of heating time can be longer, deep heat inside body can improve the ability of the body metabolism and reduce fat more effective.
ret fat ret fat
Technology features:
1. New RET technology, a speical high frequency for fat cellulite burning. 
2. Special designed for really fat people, not suitable for common fat, face, chest, muscle and bony areas. 
3. No noise in ear like cavitation, no pain at all. People feel warm on skin and hot insides body.
4. Effective - 1-5kg loss per 5 sessions. 
5. Safe - No worry of harm skin as the high frequency apply on cellulite only. 
6. Good body shapping result 
ret fat

Application of ret fat device:

1.Fat reduction,The people who has too much visceral fat, and worry about the fat will cause all sorts of diseases.
2.Body shaping,The people whose arm, abdomen, hip, thigh and other parts has a lot of hard fat tissue.
3.Cellulite reduction,The people who want to make fat removal and postpartum recovery at the same time.
4.Weight loss
5.Skin lifting & skin tighten
6.Skin surface smooth 

ret fat

Model RET100
Ultrasonic Frequency 500KHz
N.W. 11Kg
Size(cm) 30*51*98
Input AC100V-110V 50/60Hz  AC220V-230V 50/60Hz

ret fat
ret fat



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