Radio-frequency skin tightening: Is it worth it?

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Radio-frequency skin care is an common and popular approach to tightening, so many devices exist that treat the skin with radio-frequency. 

Radio-frequency works by heating the skin. The available devices differ in how they deliver radio-frequency to the skin, but they all strive to deliver enough energy to the skin to heat it to a certain temperature.

Skin tightening ways: 

There are surgical and non-surgical two kinds way to tightening skin. Within the non-surgical space, many devices utilize radio-frequency come with other forms of energy, such as laser and infrared.

radio frequency face lift machine

Although, surgery is tightens skin better than any non-surgical treatment, surgery is also more invasive than non-surgical skin tightening. Which means some one can not take it for an over-tight look, too invasive, or just not candidates for surgery.

Most devices have limited scientific data. Whether results are minimal or modest, a major benefit of radio-frequency skin care is that treatment induces collagen. Even if not enough collagen is produced to tighten skin, healthy collagen is beneficial. At the very least, it may slow the signs of aging.

In other words, radio-frequency skin tightening treatments may be preventative.

Almost anyone who wants tighter skin, or who is interested in delaying further skin looseness, could benefit from radio-frequency skin tightening. Having said that, older patients who have very loose skin probably won’t see enough improvement to make a non-surgical treatment worthwhile. A face lift is usually the only option for them.

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