RF Face Lifting Slimming Machine 360 Degree Rotating Skin Care Roller Radio Frequency Machine Best Selling RU+8

Technology: RF, Vacuum, LED
Handle size: L, S, M
Function: Massage Lift, Removing Fat, Body Shaping.
Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE
  • RU+8

  • Newangie


Machine Advantage:

Safer: No sharp discharge, no burns to the skin.

Easier: No need for a lot of manual care by the operator

More comfortable: The sphere rotates on its own, combined with the rotation of the handle, double rotation, smooth and comfortable.

More efficient: radio frequency, rotation, phototherapy, three technologies in one.


Patient Advantage:

1. Combination of the two rotations to massage, lift, and firm the facial skin, and shape the body

2. The rotation of the sphere has the function of massaging and removing fat, dissolving fat, and shaping.

3. Combining red, blue, and green light therapy to achieve better skincare effects.

4. Phototherapy and rotating radiofrequency work at the same time, and energy is output at the same time.


Roller L :

  • Cellulite dissolve

  • Body wrinkles remove

  • Body massage

Roller M: For arm and leg

  • Rf Massage

  • Cellulite dissolve

  • Body slimming

Roller S: For face and eye

  • Remove eye pattern,facial wrinkles,

  • Face lifting

  • Product infusion

  • Skin rejuvenation with light therapy


Business Advantage:

1. 3 sizes handle, cover for all body parts

2. Rolling massage and head conduct

3. 360-degree rotating radiofrequency,

Can rotate forward and backward and can rotate in alternate directions.

4. Intelligent control system. The speed is adjustable.