Professional Radio Frequency Face Massage Roller Velashape Machine Butt Lifting Machine Cellulite Roller M9+5S

Features: remove cellulite, face lift
Technical Support: vacuum radio frequency+EMS+lR+PDT
Customized Service: OEM/ODM/LOGO
Certification: CE
  • M9+5S
  • Newangie


3 in 1 Velashape machine working principle:

It is the only one that combines vacuum + RF + EMS IR + red light + fat rotation on one machine. It uses a fat rotation probe and RF heating system to help peel broken fat cells from cellulite. The stripped cells will also be metabolized by the body to achieve the effect of body shaping and weight loss.


The brand-new technology golden finger facial massage phone combines EMS and lR functions to stimulate skin cell regeneration. And subcutaneous tissue, effectively anti-wrinkle, tighten and lift your skin.



1)Anti-aging , face lifting, face massage.

2) Cellulite reduction for arms, legs, back, waists, abdomen.

3) Body shaping.

4) Striae gravidarum reduction.


Business advantages:

-Colorful multimedia touch screen, control and display nursing operation.

-The grease spinning handle adopts a touch screen design, which is intuitive and easy to control.

-The design and the current used are in full compliance with the electrical safety standards of European countries. It is absolutely safe for the human body.

-Configure static recharge system SRS