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Permanent makeup, a form of cosmetic tattooing is also known as micro-pigmentation, derma-pigmentation, and permanent cosmetics. Permanent makeup artists use tattooing techniques to apply designs that resemble makeup. Eyeliner, color enhancement of skin on the face, eyelids, lips, and eyebrows are all areas that permanent makeup is traditionally applied to. The results of permanent makeup is enhanced facial features that would typically be done with our everyday makeup.

permanent makeup machine


The brow line is a face framer.

Shapes should be chosen according to ones face.

A brow’s ending is vital according to the face shape, either for round face, oval or square. The right brow line has the seemingly magical effect of taking years away from one’s appearance and giving the entire face a “lift.” In creating permanent eyebrows, a hair-stroke effect is used. When incorporated with shading which creates the illusion of depth, the hair stroke technique creates undetectable, totally natural looking eyebrows.

Eye Liners

Lash enhancement places pigment directly into the lash line.

It creates a subtle, natural, “No make-up” look. This enhancement is favored by women who do not use eyeliner.

Open line is for women who would like their eyes to look more open. It consists of top and bottom lines with the outside edges left open.

Wide closed line appears to modify the shape of one’s eyes. Top and bottom liner give the appearance of almond-shaped eye.

Wide open end on top and bottom is recommended for those with drooping eyelids. Creates a permanent ‘Lift’.


If you notice anything out of the ordinary, phone your physician.

Clients must follow ALL After-Care instructions for optimum results.

Refrain from using Aloe Vera, as it can pull the color from the procedure area.

Remember all procedures must HEAL, PEEL, and FADE! This process may take up to 10 days and vary by client.

Color may appear darker for the first 10 days. After the area peels, the color will be softer and more natural.

Do not use ANY product that contain AHA’s, Vitamin A, Retinol A or similar lightening/peeling products on the procedure area. (Example Glycolic, Lactic Acids. See product label)

These products will fade pigment color, removing the top layer of skin and color. You will be responsible for additional fees, should you not take proper after care precautions

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