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For the new year of 2021, many customers also planning some new Treatment Items for their business. Big surprise with new machine also coming for the new year !!!

Have you heard about the latest New Trend Emsuclpt machine for fat burning and muscle building? Glad to inform you our NEW UPGRADE EMSUCLPT PRO MAX machine will come out:


1) Can reach a 19% loss after four treatments and also 16% muscle gain

2) Only 30 minutes equal to 20,000-30,000 Sit-ups exercise

3)Clear results for butt lifting, makes many ladies crazy with this treatment!

Advantages of this newest Upgrade Model Emsuclpt:

1)Before is 2 handles and can work together, the new upgrade one has 4 handles ( 2PCS big model +2PCS small handle for arms and legs)
2)A special handles for optional for Pelvic floor muscle training, postpartum recovery, reproductive privacy
3)Different languages can be choose
4)Output frequency higher, max to 120HZ, more effective
5)The connector with the machine easier to connect with machine and change handle, more convenient for customers
6)Handles can set work together or also can work separately
7)Have rent function whether you want for rent or resell all best choice

It’s really an amazing version after Upgrade it!
Totally 5 handles (4 pcs stand and 1 optional big handle for pelvic floor muscle training) The fast results and most competitive and profitable machine will help you win more customers and profit !!!

We are doing our April Fans' Festival promotion!!! come to contact us for more detailed information. 

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