New Vertical Shock Wave Machine for Sale SW16

shockwave handles: Electromagnetic & pneumatic
Function: Cellulite Reduction, Pain treatment, pain reliefAfter-sale Service: Online technical support
Power Supply: 200w
Usage: Beauty and physio
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Special design on the market (Pneumatic+Electromagnetic) :

Pneumatic principle:

The pneumatic pulse sound wave generated by the compressor is converted into a precise ballistic pulse soundwave, which drives the bullet body inside the handle to make the bullet body impact the treatment part in a pulsemanner

Electromagnetic principle:

The electromagnetic pulse sound wave is generated by the heating of the coil, and the bullet body inside the handleis driven, so that the bullet body is electromagnetically shocked to the area

shock wave

Three advantages of Shockwave:

1.The site of action is clear, and the impact on surrounding tissues is minimal

2.Non-invasive treatment prevents the risks and side effects of surgery and drugs

3.For pain relief,rehabilitation physiotherapy,.injury recovery, local fat loss and ED treatment, the effect is very significant

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Clinic advantages:

New pneumatIc handle:

1.Fully upgraded structure, easier to repair and easier to replace

2.Projectile body 6-10-15-20-25MM diameter flat/concave/convex standard configuration

3.Increase the number of bullets, longer life cycle

Smart new handle:

1.Real-time record of total number of hits and current temperature

2.Handle and interface can adjust frequency and energy at the same time

Intelllgent new lnterface: treatment is more professional

shock waveshock wave

Our Service:

  1. The machine have two year warranty and lifetime maintenance

  2. 2.OEM and ODM service

  3. 24 hours service contact us at any time

  4. Provide free training, allowing you to quickly recover costs

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