It’s right the 3D SKIN ANALYZER that you are finding

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We believe everyone want the better skin in a new day, and the first step to care our skin is to know it clearly.

Our 3D skin analysis machine will take digital pictures of your face. Then give you a detailed description of the underlying skin conditions that you experience.  We will be able to educate you and come up with an appropriate skin care plan of action.

Here are details of our 3D skin analyzer.

 1. Unique RGB / UV photo shot system for pore, wrinkle, acne

2. Real-time preview + dual pictures display

3. Comfortable tilted check entrance, human-oriented design

4. Powerful PC software supporting for automatic precise analysis

5. Before and after contrast, easily to compare

6. With moisture test pen for special part 

The new 3D skin analyzer enables physicians to generate a complete report measuring skin changes including wrinkles, oiliness, pores, evenness, red & brown spots and evaluate their skin health using multivariate analysis. The severity of each criterion can be visualized in 3D and highlighted with a colour scale. The report provides a reference tool to guide the physician and inform the patient of the best aesthetic interventions.

skin analysis can reveal damage and signs of ageing on and beneath the surface of the skin that are not visible to the human eye – so you can treat them before they become visible signs of ageing. Feel confident that you will get the results you want! 

Feel free to reach out our Newangie if you get interest.

3D skin analyzer

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