How to understand your facial condition clearly and comprehensively?

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How to understand your facial condition clearly and comprehensively?

A skin analysis machine helps you measure/keep track of any changesin your skin. With this tool you are ablesee the intensity and depth of any skindamage or signs of aging. It shows finesline, wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration,pores and any irregularities in skin texture.It's the perfect way to know whether yourskincare routine is making a difference aswell as to give guidance on best treatmentprotocol going forward. In as much as myskin appears to be clear from the outside,this is always a reality check for me as itpicks up what's deep inside and waitingto surface later. Let me know with if you have never been for one and if you have been for one and found it useful.

The advantages of skin analysis machine: 

The analysis results include: RGB spot, RGB pore, RGB roughness, RGB wrinkle, UV acne, UV spot, UV moisture, Metal sensitive, skin damage by cosmatics, early skin disease

Can see skin condition in 3 dimension

Age assessment (whether the examined skin is older than actual age), it is important to know whether the client skin needs "anti aging" or anti aging product.

Can be filled advise and your product is recommended for treatment of skin problems client

Can analyze for face area "U" or "T"

Results can be printed for clients

Client database, including client birthday reminder

Easy to operate

Perfect for Beauty Clinic / Skin Care, beauty expert, beauty salon, beauty MLM, etc.

skin analyzer machine

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