How to get you rid of a double chin

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The Cryo fat freezing machine is possible without surgery or liposuction. and more recently double chin injections have revolutionised treatment of submental fat deposits and alternative fat freezing for the double chin with Cool technology.

There are surgical and non-surgical approaches to shift submental chin fat. The cost, number of treatments, recovery time as well as how quickly you see a more defined jawline vary. At Skin Revision we offer fat freezing for double chin treatment.

fat freezing machine price

Cryo fat freezing machine to freeze the area of unwanted fat. One or two treatments are required to reduce under chin fat. We use the cryo as we can deliver the treatment to our clients at a best treatment.

Melt away stubborn chin fat with our double chin treatments in Brisbane. Innovative new injections have been introduced to Australia this year. Introduced to America four years under the name of Kybella. We will soon be able to offer double chin injections as an alternative for our clients.

Cryo fat freezing machine is less invasive than neck lift surgery, but it is still a surgical procedure so expect downtime with bruising and pain for a couple of weeks. We can provide a referral for liposuction of the chin.

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