Aqua peel machine korea skin beauty care system SPA8.0

Port: Guangzhou Certification: CE Service: OEM, ODM, LOGO MOQ: 1 set
  • SPA8.0
  • Newangie
  • Aqua peel machine
  • 150VA
  • 60-70cmhg
  • AC220V-230V/56-60HZ
  • ABS
  • 8 tips
  • Portable
  • Brow, face, neck,chest,body
  • Salon / clinic / beauty center / hospital / home
  • 3 Years
Aqua peel machine korea production Aqua peel machine korea work therapy Aqua peel machine korea system Aqua peel machine korea work head introduction
1#work head for clearing comedones,whitehead and acne.
2#work head for deep cleaning of normal skin,uneven color and dark skin,dry aging skin.
3#work head for thick cuticle,coarse pores,oil over secretion skin.
4#work head for non invasive skin rejuvenation
Aqua peel machine korea skin treatment
- Improve duck yellow, oily skins, remove skins deep dirt.
- Improve skins rough, acne, pock, rough pores.
- Tint color speckles, tiny wrinkles, wrinkles, pock and etc.
- Promote the skin metabolism.
- Decontaminate skin and deeply clean the old cutin.
- Improvement skin quantity and elasticity.
- Develop the regenerative capacity of the skin.
- Promote blood circulation of skin, improve skin cells tissue. Aqua peel machine korea Aqua peel machine details
Aqua peel machine korea